Now you can have a Lean chiselled physique without Hours of cardio or giving up your cherished Chicken Tikka Masala

And you don't even have to spend hours in the gym

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    Discover how to lose up to 20 lbs of pure fat in 12 weeks, even if you've tried every diet out there to no avail.
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    Look like you actually 'know what you're doing in the gym'
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    Learn the hacks I use to plan meals for my clients that helps them lose fat, while being so tasty even your kids will enjoy eating with you! 
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    Stop yo yo crash dieting and having no social life and start enjoying your food again while actually losing the belly fat forever...
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    No more second guessing how to train and eat effectively, let me take care of everything.

Learn how Gary TRANSFORMED his physique in under 9 weeks...

Hi, I'm Patrick. I help busy, stressed, overworked guys banish their beer bellies and make their bodies look incredible.

I want to take a second and tell you about a client of mine, Rich.

Rich was really down in the dumps about his weight.  He’d tried every diet going. but just got sick of starving himself and not seeing any progress.

Tired, stressed and angry?

Despite all his effort and hard work dieting and working out in the gym and all the fitness information he was reading he eventually got sick of starving himself and not seeing any progress.

He was just fed up with everything.

Tired, stressed, angry (and Hangry) and feeling like looking good with his shirt off just wasn’t for him.

Does that sound familiar?

You try going to the gym, eating the right foods and planning your meals and get nowhere.

Absolutely nowhere!

How does everyone else make this so easy?

You’re desperate for that lean chiselled physique you want to show off, yet whatever you try just doesn’t seem to work.

But listen up, because I’m here to tell you something very important:

It’s not your fault.

You see, the fitness industry is lying to you, and telling you things that not only fail to get you results, but could actually be harming your progress.

There are many reasons why busy guys like you struggle to lose fat and get in the type of shape you feel your effort deserves...

The 5 most common reasons why nearly all fat loss methods don't work for you:

  • You’re doing too much cardio - Too much cardio means you'll raise cortisol levels too high, making fat loss virtually impossible.

  • You’re not lifting weights - Building muscle helps to burn fat even at rest.

  • You’re not getting enough calories - You need calories to build muscle, being on a low calorie diet constantly messes your hormonal balance meaning testosterone levels plummet.  This makes fat loss even harder.

  • You’re crash dieting - See above!

  • You’re doing endless reps of crunches - This will not get rid of the spare tyre hiding your abs.

So if all these “traditional methods” don’t work, then what does?

You’re in luck..

By stumbling across this page, and reading the secrets I’m about to reveal, you’re about to put yourself at a huge advantage, and learn the system that’s taken me years of research and thousands of pounds to develop.

Back to Rich, and how we overcame the common fat loss mistakes.

He was really struggling with his weight, motivation and energy levels.

I used my Trifecta method with Rich and here’s what happened –

Rich achieved a truly amazing transformation that not only changed the way he looked but also his whole outlook on life.  This took him just 12 short weeks.

He had so much more confidence and was finally proud of his physique and perhaps the most important thing was the amount of attention he was now receiving from his wife!

I want to show you, real people with real results and just what is possible even when you have a busy hectic schedule.

My Trifecta Method for body transformations

Let me give you my 3 staged formula that I coach my clients (including Rich above) with and that will help you today to get on the way to being lean and happy.

I call it my Trifecta Method and it's used for busy, overworked men. It's not sexy, it's not glamorous and it doesn't involve eating mung bean soup..

But, it delivers results and that's the name of the game.

My Trifecta Method  for Men who need to get lean:

  • Workout frequency - 3 Sessions per week. Progressive, fast effective workouts that last no more than 45 mins.

  • Meal prep and flexible dieting.  Remember I said you didn't have to give up your cherished Tikka Masala? Well I meant it, in fact I actually encourage my clients to still eat the things they enjoy. This means they won't fall off the wagon completely when life gets tough.

  • Accountability, recording progress and checking in with a significant other (preferably a proven professional with a track record of body transformation results).  Research has shown that exercise and nutrition adherence is increased by 100% when using this factor.

Gary's new 6 Pack

I want to share with you another transformation my client Gary went through where he built a shiny new 6 pack.

Gary was unhappy with the way he looked when we started working together.  However Gary was able to get the chiselled 6 pack (actually cover model ready physique) in under 9 short weeks.

Now Gary is your modern day entrepreneur.

He has 2 kids, a fiancée and he runs 3 highly successful businesses.

Gary had been in good shape in his early 20’s but the more successful he became, the busier he got and his diet and exercise time plummeted.

He just couldn’t fit any time in his busy hectic life to train let alone prepare any meals for himself.

But Gary has the type of personality that drives him to be the best he possibly can be.

It was eating away at Gary that he’d let things slip and he wasn’t looking as good as he used to.

He also was aware of being a good role model for his kids, and when he was at rock bottom all he was showing his kids was that it was OK to grab a burger and chips every night on the way home and just slump in front of the TV.

Gary had become overweight, irritable and a general misery to be around.

It wasn't until his fiancee said to him "I think you're stressed and you should see a doctor." That he decided to take action.

Gary's action was to reach out to me for some help.  

Gary's biggest hurdle was that he felt he just didn't have enough time to workout and definitely not enough time to dedicate the amount of time it would take for him to get the physique he wanted.

How did Gary get his 6 pack?

I used my Trifecta Method with incredible results:

  • I scheduled three 45 minute workouts per week for Gary to complete.  He followed the workouts to a tee, gave me feedback on his performance and I then progressed these according to how he was getting on.  Once Gary was into the programme, he realised that he did in fact have plenty of time for 3 workouts per week.

  • I made the workouts streamlined, mega effective and so efficient that each one was completed in 45 minutes or under.

  • Used easy meal prep solutions so Gary wasn't a slave to the kitchen and he could still enjoy the odd treat with his family.

  • And probably the biggest factor was making Gary accountable to me to lose the weight by recording his progress, checking in regularly with each other and consulting with me when things got hard going and his work got crazy busy.

  • I'm not going to lie and say it wasn't tough for Gary to get into the sort of shape you're about to see because it was hard work and Gary really put the effort in, but in just under 9 weeks this is the amazing transformation Gary achieved:

Not only did Gary achieve this transformation he also found that he was less stressed, not irritable and his wife felt like she had the old Gary back again.

I have created a system that my clients, who like Gary are super busy, are able to use to make time to workout, eat correctly (but still have the occasional treat) and be held accountable for their actions.

I have tweaked this system over the years and no two clients are the same so what one person may be working on could be completely different to someone else.

What is the same for every client though is you get my undivided attention for the duration of your coaching with me.  I simply give you all the tools you need to succeed in creating that body you can be proud of.

I've seen so many clients over the years who were in exactly the same situation as Gary and had also fallen into the work, work and more work cycle.

I help busy guys like you who have no time to exercise or plan meals but want to get lean and take back ownership of their lives again.

Want to look like 'someone who actually works out'?

How do those fitness models look so good all the time?

I'll let you into a little secret, they have a great gym programme, spot on nutrition, really great lighting and a bit of digital enhancement!

Now I can't help you with the lighting or digital enhancement but what I do specialise in is helping busy, overworked, stressed out dads to ditch the man boobs and see their abs using my Trifecta Method.

No bull, no false claims just open honest coaching.

This allows you to achieve consistent long term body transformations without ever starving yourself and still having the occasional beer with your mates.

Can I actually do this?

Well that depends...

It depends on how much you actually want it.

I not going to beat around the bush.

It is hard to make changes to your body.

Losing fat, building muscle, becoming healthier is hard.  Even for those blessed with amazing genetics.

Especially when you're busy working long hours, trying to impress the boss and struggling to juggle your home life, let alone any time for yourself.

Where do you even begin to make changes to your life?

How do you make time to workout and meal prep?

But you know what, it's not the busy life or lack of time that's holding you back...

It's your fear of failure.

You have to make daily crucial decisions at work and at home that impact not only on you but on your kids, wife and colleagues too.

Getting fit, lean and healthy is another 'problem' you need to juggle, and the easy thing to do is to just sit back and not bother.

But deep down you know this is harming you, your health (physical and mental) and it's going to harm your family and work life too.

This is where I come in.

I take away all of the anxiety around exercise & diet and work with you to ensure there is no more guess work and you can just concentrate on the things that really matter like your wife and kids.

Just imagine if you had the care and attention a professional sportsman receives from his team of coaches, you would be in unbelievable shape wouldn't you?

You could finally kiss goodbye to the beer belly, love handles and man boobs and start to enjoy taking your shirt off on holiday again. 

Well this is what I do, I give you all the tools you need.  All you need to do is implement my plans.

Finally no more guesswork in your workouts or diets.

Give me your blindfaith and I will ensure you banish the belly forever, while still being able to do the things you enjoy.

NB You don't have to be a monk, I want you to still have a social life where you don't worry about ordering dessert when you're out or having a few beers with your mates.

“I'm leaner, happier and more confident..."

“Thanks to Patrick and his online coaching I am now leaner than I have been since I was in school.  I work as a programmer so spend my days sitting down staring at a screen.  I had gotten really out of shape and overweight, I'd let it get so bad I didn't even recognise myself when I looked in the mirror.

I'd tried dieting and even joined a gym, but I didn't have any structure and I'd soon stop going to the gym and ordering take aways every night.

I managed to drop 16 lbs in the first 5 weeks and my love handles vanished.  What's more I can actually now see muscles where I didn't have any before.

The thing I like about Patrick's approach is his no gimmicky approach and the fact that he educates you on how to eat flexibly.  You want to still go out for a few beers with your mates?  You can, but be prepared to earn this.  I'm not going to lie and say it's all easy, because it's not.  But what Patrick does is take all of the guesswork out and he delivers effective workouts and diets that truly get outstanding results.  I couldn't be happier."

- Programmer

How can I help you?

I guess you’re wondering what qualifies me to talk about getting in incredible shape and helping you to look good with your shirt off.

Well, the first thing you should know about me is that I am NOT a Joe Wicks figure.

I don’t insult your intelligence with all that fake ‘banter’ and give cookie cutter workout plans.

But what I am is a busy dad of two who’s spent nearly 20 years learning and crafting my trade as the go to body transformation coach for overworked dads who struggle to find time to train and get any noticeable changes in their physique.

I know how you feel, tired, stressed, low on energy, barely having any time to see your wife or kids and feeling really really guilty about this.

Let me introduce you to...

The: Core Fitness VIP Online Coaching Programme

NB This is exclusively for men (my personal training speciality).

With my coaching you can finally lose the belly, love handles and man boobs.

All while still eating the things you love and not living in the gym.

I take away all the confusion around training, dieting and mindset and give you effective solutions that ensure you spend less time in the gym and meal prepping and more time doing the things you love.

Whether that's being around your wife/partner and kids more or out with your mates, it's your call.

What you should expect on the programme

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    Within 2 weeks - I would expect the average guy who puts the effort in to lose up to 6 lbs of fat and start to see visible changes in his physique.  You're not Brad Pitt in fight club yet but you're seeing that this can actually work.
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    Within 4 - 8 weeks - You should continue to drop up to 15 lbs of body fat, while also noticing muscles and definition where you didn't have it before. 
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    By 12 weeks in - You can expect to have lost up to 20 lbs of pure fat, built noticeable amounts of muscle and be well on your way to that Brad Pitt body...

Why Core Fitness VIP Coaching is not like any other fitness product out there.

1.     No more being daunted by having to go to the gym and wait for a bench to come free. I give you personalised efficient workouts that deliver results, so you don't have to live in the gym.
2.     No more eating just Chicken & Broccoli, I'm with you every step of the way showing you how to eat in the office, which means you can still have the foods you love and lose weight.
3.     No more fake promises, I'm not saying you will lose 10 lbs of pure fat in 2 weeks.  Do not trust anyone who says that!  But you can achieve the lean physique you crave working with me.

I don't work with everyone, however...

Here's who I don't work with:

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    Seriously injured clients  - You need specialist help from a physio/doctor.  I'm a body transformation coach.​​​​​​
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    Power Lifters - I don't specialise in this, get yourself a power lifting coach!
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    Long distance runners - I'm interested in helping clients to look good with their shirts off.  Not skinny and wiry.

Here's who I do work with:

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    Over 30's - This is me!  Actually I'm closer to 40 than 30, but you know what, I'm in the best shape of my life. Sure I've had to modify my training over the years, I no longer do 'man aerobics' but this experience has meant I've learned the hard way what actually gets results.
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    Busy Professionals - Again this is me!  I fell into the trap of working so hard I neglected my own needs and actually ended up getting fat!  Yes me of Core Fitness Personal Training fame.  Who wants a fat personal trainer right?! I knew things had to change when I started feeling insecure about taking my top off in public.  So I spent countless hours really crafting my skills as a trainer to ensure I could once again look good with my shirt off.  But doing this with only 3 workout's a week all under 45 minutes...

Core Fitness VIP Online Coaching


  • How to lose that stubborn, wobbly belly fat even if you've tried every diet and workout going.
  • My simple approach to your diet & training that allows you to smash the gym, burn fat and still have a social life.
  • PLUS you won't have to spends hours in the gym or kitchen, eating just chicken & Broccoli. Start turning heads NOW.
  • Through my app you can view your workouts, view your diet plans and upload progress anywhere in the world.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Here's what some of my other clients are saying...

“I lost 7 lbs of pure fat in the first month."

"I've always been a keen sportsman with a passion for fitness, however my approach to fitness was a little haphazard and I had no clear defined goals (apart from getting that elusive 6 pack). 

I decided that when I was 30 it was time to sort my training out and get the body I 'd always wanted. I did some research into personal training and found Patrick's website. 

I was just fed up with not being able look how I wanted to look so I signed up to Patrick's VIP Online Coaching and I haven't looked back.

I'd been training in various gyms on and off for 10 years and never really seen any results that I was happy with, so after a month of training with Patrick I was delighted to see that I had lost 6lbs of pure fat and had started to see some abdominal muscles on my stomach.

Motivated by these early results I threw myself into the training sessions and I've never looked back, I just wish I had started training with Patrick sooner rather than wasting years trying to guess my way to the body I wanted.

I'd just like to add that during those years I went it alone I tried every workout and supplement going without success and it was Patrick that taught me that everyone has their own unique genetic makeup meaning that everyone should have their own unique personalised workout programme.

He also showed me the correct way to structure my diet so it can actually help to lose fat and build lean muscle. I can't thank Patrick enough."

- Finance Manager

With my VIP coaching programme you can:

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    Lose up to 10 lbs of pure fat in just 4 short weeks
  • check
    Build a lean chiselled physique
  • check
    Actually be proud and not embarrassed to take your top off in public
  • check
    Lose the man boobs
  • check
    Lose the beer belly
  • check
    Kiss goodbye to the love handles

“I've lost 6 kgs in the first month..."

“I've lost 6 kgs in my first month of working with Patrick and his VIP online coaching, I've got another 14 kgs to go to hit my goal but I know Patrick will help me to do this.

I've tried all of the diets out there and plenty of pills and potions too, some helped me to lose weight but I've always ended up piling the weight back on and some.

But Patrick's coaching is different, he actually listens and doesn't just send me a mocked up generalised bodybuilding workout and then tell me to run 5 km at the end of every sessions.

I'm very busy and work long hours so I can't commit to long hours in the gym or preparing food, this hasn't fazed Patrick.  The workouts he gives me I can do in 30 minutes, they are tough but I feel so pumped after every workout.

He also understands that I just don't have time to prepare every meal, so he gives me daily habits to work on that have made such a difference to the way I eat and it's shown me that I don't need to be on a diet to get the lean body I want and that I can still go out for meals with friends and work colleagues and not worry about the extra calories."

- Software Developer

How much does it cost?

The question on your lips...

How much does it cost?

Let me answer that:

The full value of what I'm offering is £250 per month.

That's less than you'd spend per day on grabbing a sandwich and coffee at Starbucks or Philpotts.

Can you imagine having a lean physique like Gary above for that cheap?

Well what's more I'm actually offering you full access to my VIP Online Coaching for just £49 per month, if you jump in today.

Why the reduction in price?

Well I'm sick of seeing so many miserable men who have been LIED to by the fitness industry and CONNED out of hundreds of pounds on faddy diets and cookie cutter gym workouts that simply don't work for busy everyday people.

It's my mission to help as many guys lose the belly, ditch the love handles and start being proud of their bodies as possible.  Charging just £49 opens up my coaching to a lot more guys out there.

But hurry though I only take on 20 clients at any one time, I have to limit spaces so I can give you the best possible support you need.

But wait - there's more.

You could spend £160-£300 per month and hire a personal trainer in a gym and get 1-2 sessions per week (depending on where you live) but you can be sure you won't get anything other than the 1-2 hours with your trainer.

And do you think you'll make much, if any impact in hitting your goals?

I thought not.

Here is what hiring a personal training coach would usually cost you:

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    1-2 personal training sessions a week = £160-£300 per month
  • check
    Diet plan and nutritional coaching = £50 per month
  • check
    Facebook group = £50 per month  (Trainers don't really offer this though)
  • check
    Email support and coaching = £50 per month (Again trainers usually just see you for your booked in sessions and do not offer any other support)
  • check
    That's up to £450 you'll have to shell out every month and still probably not get the results you deserve

So my coaching saves you £401 per month!
And what's more you actually receive 24/7 care and attention.

But what do you actually get with my VIP Online Coaching?  How is it different to my local personal trainer down the gym? Is it just a workout and diet to follow?...

By taking action and investing in my VIP Online Coaching now you also get access to all this through my exclusive coaching app:


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    Personalised workouts constantly updated and tweaked, so you can smash your workouts while not spending hours in the gym. - worth £50 per month.
  • angle-right
    Daily habit check ins to fit around your lifestyle that mean you can build the body you want.  - worth £20 per month.
  • angle-right
    Exercise demo videos so you can be sure you are performing every exercise correctly.  No more guessing, you can even film your technique and upload it right into the app so I can give you pointers- worth £40 per month.
  • angle-right
    Weekly check ins to keep you accountable and progressing towards your goals. - worth £30 per month.

Use my app

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    To get access to my secret training techniques so you can accelerate your gains. - worth £20 per month.
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    To upload photo's of your meals for me to see, so you can be held accountable for your diet & I can help educate you so you can achieve that lean, muscular physique. - worth £50 per month.
  • angle-right
    To receive personalised nutrition coaching so you no longer have to go on a diet ever again and still eat the foods you enjoy. - worth £50 per month.
  • angle-right
    To message me anytime 24/7 if you need any help with anything. - worth £50 per month.

Your Heading Here

That's £310 worth of value!

My VIP Coaching can:

  • Help you to burn up to 10 lbs of body-fat in just 4 weeks

  • Allow you to still eat the foods you enjoy

  • Enable you to be able to go out for a few beers with your mates and still lose the beer belly

Just £49 per month!

Can you really afford to miss out on losing your belly with an offer like this?

You’ve got two options -

Option 1 is to close this page, go back to doing what you’ve tried before, feel

frustrated as HELL that you didn’t grab this offer when it was available first time,

then be back here in 2 to 3 months time.

Option 2 is the smart move.

You decide that enough is enough and that you finally want a guaranteed way to

reach your ideal lean physique in the fastest and most effective way possible, and so invest in

your health, happiness and security.

That choice is yours.

Click on the Consultation form button below to schedule a call with myself to discuss your needs in detail.

Get all this AND MORE in just one click:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Still on the fence about this?  Well,

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't see visible changes to your body after 3 months, I'll send you a prompt refund.

Got Questions?

That’s normal.

Actually, that’s GREAT - it shows you truly care about your results.

If you’re wondering about anything, I’ve answered a list of the most commonly

asked questions below:

What is your experience in the fitness & nutrition industry & who are you?

Why should I start online personal training with you?

What makes you different from other personal trainers?

How do I get started? How do I pay & is it safe to buy online?

​I'm a little confused by how you can check on my progress without actually being with me when I'm training.

Do you train men & women?

P.S. I forgot to say - this offer won’t last long.

There are only 20 spots available at any one time.

If you want to take advantage NOW, you need to act.

One final thing. Let me ask you this:

How would it feel to finally ditch the belly fat, not be ashamed to take your shirt off on holiday and actually be proud of how you look?

And how would it feel to do that in just 3 months?

And without having to starve yourself and live in the gym.

Like the sound of that?

Then you know what to do...

Click the link below to schedule your consultation call with me...

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